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Oriental Rug Cleaning by Vermont Rug Cleaning

Your Oriental rug is a sizable investment in your home—not only financially, but often emotionally as well. That’s why we’ve developed a rigorous, multi-step process to help restore these pieces to their original condition and keep them in pristine condition. Here’s what we’ll do…

  • Pre-inspection and pick-up—we’ll visit your home to learn as much as we can about your type of rug and any variables that might affect the cleaning process. We’ll share our recommendations with you to determine the best next steps. We’ll either take your rug with us to our “Rug Spa” in our facilities, or you can bring it to us at a scheduled time that works for you.
  • Dry soil removal—woven rugs have been designed to hide away dry soils, which means that even a small rug (9 by 12 foot) can be packing nearly 90 pounds of dirt! We’ll use a variety of specialized equipment to gently remove dry soil from both the front and back of your rugs, before moving on to any other cleaning steps.
  • Pre-condition & fringe preparation—depending on the fiber content and condition of your rug, we’ll pre-treat any remaining soils to make them easier to remove. We’ll do the same to the fringe trimming your rug.
  • Shampoo—based on your rug’s composition and soils, we’ll clean it with an Oriental rug shampoo specially designed to remove maximum soils while protecting the delicate fibers that make up your rug.
  • Rinse or wash—we’ll either rinse your rug with our water extraction equipment or wash it in one of our Rug Spa wash pits designed especially for Oriental Rugs.
  • Speed dry & finishing—once all soils are washed away, we’ll extract all the water from your rug using our custom centrifuge (specifically designed for us by Turkish rug cleaning specialists). It’s a custom spin cycle just for your rug! We place a big emphasis on this step, as drying your rug quickly is one of the most important steps in rug cleaning to avoid shrinking or misshaping. Then we’ll comb and finish your rug with specialty groomers made for rugs.
  • Post inspection & delivery—our cleaning team will give your rug a final inspection and arrange for pick up or delivery. We’ll protect it from dust and environmental soils until it’s picked up or delivered, and if we deliver it to your home, we’ll return it to its original position in your home.

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